To Cursive or NOT to Cursive?

Cursive writing –  Do you still teach it?  Should you?  Should we replace it with something else?  Personally I think time could be better spent teaching code, foreign language, Genius Hour, Makerspace…but I don’t get to make those decisions,  so I still teach cursive.

In my district kids learn d’nealian printing, so when it comes to cursive, they pick it up pretty quick.  I don’t have to spend a ton of time on it, but I didn’t want to spend anytime on it.  So I don’t!  Don’t worry I still teach it, but I use a flipped lesson to do the work for me.

Teach a 19th Century Skill, Using a 21st Century Technique

O.K., Cursive probably isn’t a 19th century skill, I’ll GOOGLE it later, but you get the point.  Since I hate wasting a ton of time on teaching cursive, I started flipping the lessons.  I use a technique that we call Flipping IN the Classroom.  It is similar to Flipping the Classroom, but the video lesson takes place at school, not at home. I record short videos on each cursive lesson, then saved them.  Then I post them to my Cursive Academy (I made that fancy name up) website.  My students get their cursive practice page, view the lesson on their iPads, and complete the practice sheet.  Piece of cake.  If the students needs to see it again, the simply rewatch the video.  If the student was absent, the video is there when they get back.  If the student goes to Disney and wants to learn cursive… the’re crazy, but the video is available to them.

I have also done this with spelling lessons.  This allows me to, in a sense, clone myself, and teach multiple lessons to multiple students, at the SAME TIME! It has really provided me with a lot more time in the classroom for more pressing things like guided reading, math support, and of course testing.  Just kidding on the testing…well sort of.  Anyway if you are interested in checking out my lessons, feel free to email me.

Example Lesson Cursive g

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