Book Creator Does EVERYTHING!!!

I have said on more than one occasion, if I were stranded on a desert island, and could only have one app, it would be Book Creator. That is, of course, if I had a way to charge my iPad. The bottom line is Book Creator is an amazing app to use with your students. Whether you are in a one to one environment, or you only have one device, Book Creator can get it done.

Ways to Use Book Creator in Your Classroom

Create Content: If you are anything like me, the district provided curriculum is good but needs a boost. Enter Book Creator. Take your existing content and add your voice, a student’s voice, a bad celebrity impersonation, whatever it takes to engage your students. Dump in video, pictures, graphs, charts….the possibilities are endless. You have now created a student friendly, content based, “text book”, saved digitally, that your students can download to their device, and take with them on the go. It is personalized for your group of kiddos!

Share projects: My students are constantly creating content of their own, whether it is publishing writing, sharing what they have learned in science, responding to texts they have read, or what they have learned during Genius Hour. Book Creator gives them an easy way to digitize their learning, and share it with the WORLD! That authentic audience is so crucial to students, and Book Creator allows them to publish ebooks, PDFs, and even turn their book into a video. They email it, tweet it, post it to blogs, and share it with classmates.

Endless other ways: We use book creator to create digital portfolios of our best work to use during parent teacher conferences. We create science response journals, to record observations and photos, create video, and document our findings. We publish our writing throughout the year, and share it with our peers, the school, and the world. We create personalized word study books, and I can’t wait to use it even more!

It is a digital world, we just teach here, and Book Creator helps you navigate it, and use it to your advantage, engaging all students.